Think Tanks and the Freedom to Criticize

We live in a unique moment to show Brazilian society that we, the Think Tanks, are the appropriate sphere to discuss public policies.

Evidence-based policies, with scientific rigor, and a non-partisan vision.

Think Tanks now have a big challenge to face:

1. Show society that our mission is precisely to criticize public policies for their shortcomings and propose solutions

2. Always based on evidence

3. Always listening to all sides involved

4. Always making it clear that we are non-partisan

Here we face some problems.

The function of a Think Tank is not clear to the majority of the population and politicians.

Many Think Tanks do not develop their own evidence, or are not well known enough.

Others don’t bother to be non-partisan, which we know reduces their credibility and audience.


Criticism of public policies is necessary in a democracy, which increases our responsibility as centers of research and knowledge production.

The time to show the importance of our sector is now.

It is time to propose credible public policies, no matter how critical we are.

Stephen Kanitz



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