Think Tanks as “Safe Places”

The polarization of Brazilian society has reached its limit and we need to reflect on it.

Firstly, Brazil has been accumulating problems over the last 50 years without solving them (the Social Security deficit, for example) and a good part of the population is increasingly worried and desperate about the lack of perspectives and future.

Hence the polarization and the vehemence of that polarization.

Second, this polarization is expressed more on social networks, where everyone feels entitled to an “opinion” without preparation or knowledge for it.

Third, we have the problem of fake news, which people accept without verifying the source, and without that source being reliable.

One of the solutions is to bring this polarization into the Think Tanks.

Where both or all sides can express themselves without retaliation or reputational destruction.

Today, moderate intellectuals are afraid to participate in these popular discussions because they can be labeled, just because they were based on evidence.

Our challenge is to show society that Think Tanks are a reliable source.

That Think Tanks will never be extremists, that they manage to unite diverse opinions in an acceptable synthesis.

For this we will need to make some adaptations.

In addition to surveys, we will need to occasionally edit “Opinion Papers”, when necessary.

Think Tanks are not yet known in Brazil, most do not know what they do.

Issuing Opinion Papers, based on evidence, with moderate, inclusive and didactic language, can make them known as safe sources of information.

We at propose to help our Think Tanks to become known here and abroad.

Stephen Kanitz



2 Responses

  1. Stephen,

    Leio suas colunas há muitas décadas.
    Obrigado mil vezes.

    Li há pouco seu artigo sobre thinktanks.

    Minha filha trabalha há 8 anos no thinktank PIONEIRO em ECONOMIA/CIÊNCIAS COMPORTAMENTAIS, localizado na Broad St, em NYC:


    Vale a pena ver algumas publicações deles:

    Nobel prize’s Richard Thaler é conselheiro lá.

    Grande abraço,

    Eduardo Guedes
    (15) 99 777 0101.

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