The End of Banking

Basileia obriga Bancos a emprestarem até 12 x o seu capital corroído e não corrigido pela inflação. Um tiro no pé.  The American Banking System is one of the most regulated industries in America. Since 1935 banks have had to deal with regulations that no other industry has come near [Continua….]

How To Evaluate a Charity II

  Credit scoring has never been used to evaluate Charities, only lenders and companies. I have been addressing the question so far as an “either or situation”, but actually discriminant analysis and credit scoring give philanthropists a continuum score, which allows us to distinguish the very best charities, the well [Continua….]

How To Evaluate Charities

  Which are the best run charities and NGOs in America? How to evaluate charities from a scientific and not subjetive point of view? Which are the best run NGOs in the world? Which are the charitable organizations that really deserve to receive our donations? Which are the NGOs that [Continua….]

Lessons From Lincoln On The Economic Crisis

  Sou colunista do Seeking Alpha, um dos melhores sites de finanças e administração financeira, o único que me dava informações relevantes durante a crise de 2008. Deixei de ler o Wall Street Journal e o Financial Times, que simplesmente na época geravam mais pânico ao não dar nenhuma explicação ao que estava acontecendo. “Dow Jones [Continua….]

Why Liberalism Is Dying?

Liberalism greatest mission today is to point to society not the encroachments on liberty, but the growth of social free riding, kleptocracy and social parasitism. Liberalism has dwindled as a political force over the last one hundred years, partly because it won many of its battles. The fall of the [Continua….]